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casios emily jones casey desmondMy name is Casey Desmond.. I am a musician and artist, who sings, produces, writes, plays many instruments and also does artwork, photography and clothing designs. I went to school to learn some of these things and the rest I learned along the way. I think I am probably the poster child for the DIY generation of musicians since when you can't afford to hire anyone you need to "Do It Yourself". My latest video "Talking to God" (Watch it here) is a prime example of the DIY in action.  I made the costumes, painted backgrounds and sets (with the help of my sister and any friends I could get to come over) and ended up working for a few months to get it all done.

I'm very 'hands on" and so (truth be told) and I love to be in the middle of the production process.

My musical tastes are quite expansive and I like writing in many different genres. My preferred music for performance is  electronic / dance oriented though I am delighted to sit down and do an acoustic set with a guitar and piano if anybody asks. I started out as more of a singer/songwriter before moving into the dance/electronic world.

I've recorded with some great producers like Anthony Resta but all the songs start in my own studio where I can now record and mix an entire record from start to finish. I've had the opportunity to write a lot of material with hit songwriter Robert Ellis Orrall.

Over the years I've amassed quite a studio set-up with more than a few keyboards:)

As much as I like writing and recording, performing is where I have the most fun.  I've done hundreds of shows in and around New England and have made many friends along the way.  I really want to expand on that.

smoke psychadelic casey desmondI was in the middle of preparing the release of my EP when producers from the NBC TV's 'The Voice' called and asked me to come to California for two months and perform on the show. What an amazing and  interesting offer!  I put the EP on hold jumped on a plane.

I learned a lot during my time there and made some great friends. There's no doubt that I was the one girl in the bunch no one knew exactly what to do with and it was a lot of fun confusing everyone while it lasted. While in Los Angeles I used the little free time I had to meet producers and performers who are huge in the cutting edge dance/electronica world, many of them play festivals like Electric Daisy, Nocturnal, Lightning in a Bottle, Ultra, Boom and Burning Man. New England has only echoes of that scene but to meet the folks making it happen was very inspiring.

Now that my obligations to "The Voice" are over, I am focused again on the EP; collaborating with producers, DJ's and working on getting remixes of my songs while doing remixes of theirs. The collaborative environment of the electronic world is great for artistic experimentation right now. There are also powerful tools and softwares that will allow me to go out and perform and I am creating lighting cues, wardrobe and visuals for my next shows.

I listen to a lot of Yeasayer, Black Moth, Super Rainbow, Cut Copy and as much strange pop and electro music as I can. People often compare me to Madonna, David Bowie, Annie Lennox, Cyndi Lauper, Dragonette, Marina and the Diamonds and pretty much any performer who wears fun make up and sings, which is very flattering but in the end I am most happy being myself and that can change at any moment!